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"The Only Limit to Our Imagination is Time."

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English, Italian, Czech, German


Indoor SkyDiving Instructor, Piano & Ukulele player, Retired volunteer Firefighter, MTB biker, Tropical Plant Lover

After all it is not about the equipment we use but the story we put into our creations.

Based in Prague, Czechia

| Working Worldwide |

My Story has begun in 2014 in an editing room, where as a video editor I've begun to understand more what makes a cameraman a great cameraman and how to think about an edit from a director point of view. Actually it all started long before that, at the age of my 8, when I was fascinated by David Copperfield and his magic tricks. So much that I created my own magic tricks and shot them on an old 240p camera, where I directed my friends to do the magic. All thought-through one long take, no editing at this time yet. And this is where it all caught me. This amazing way to tell stories/magic with a camera.

At the time when I was professionally editing I saw many shots every day in the office and I imagined them how I would create them differently. I've taken many courses and tutorials for pre-production, production and post-production of making films and commercials. At this time it was already 50-50 being an editor and a cameraman.

I always wanted to work on real films and commercials sets, so I sent some emails and thus I started working with commercials productions as a runner, then after some time as a 2AC, 1AC and 1AD. Learning from a real-set experience I've started to work as a dop and a director. I have written, shot and directed my own short films, which some of them received prizes at Film festivals. At the same time I have got to work with Czech TVs, but also with World's TV productions for documentaries, reportage and live broadcasts, which has given me experience of being able to improvise very quickly, to be focus on the goal and also it showed me the power of a team work. Besides that I've also got to meet very interesting and one of the most powerful people in the world. Thanks to abroad work with Italian TVs I've also added Italian to my English, Czech and a little bit of German language abilities.

I'd love to dig even more into bigger film productions and a film-style commercial productions, ideally abroad, for which I'm really open to move from beautiful Prague, the Czech Republic, in case of need/offer.

Wow, thanks for reading all this. If you want to know more or just write me, let's get in contact here.